An umbilical or belly button hernia is an obvious swelling that appears at the belly button and can increase or decrease in size after birth.

These hernia very rarely cause symptoms and children’s surgeons rarely need to operate on these types of hernia until the child is three years of age or older. This is treated with a small incision (cut) within the tummy button folds so the scar is hardly visible.

All umbilical hernia repairs are carried out under general anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is extremely safe and only highly skilled consultant paediatric anaesthetists are used at the Children’s Hospital. Including the anaesthetic, procedure and recovery time, your child is away from you for about 45 mins. Most children following an umbilical hernia repair can usually go home approximately 3 hrs after the procedure.

Complications after hernia repair are very rare and therefore this is not usually arranged. Contact details of the centre as well as the out of hours service are always provided following discharge in case of a problem.