Hernias in children are different to those in adults. In very small babies the surgery can be more complex and requires extensive specialist paediatric training.

The Children’s Hernia Centre at The Harley Street Clinic Children’s Hospital offers a unique service dedicated to the diagnosis and management of children’s hernia.


Our consultants are all specialist paediatric surgeons working in the field of children’s hernia surgery and have operated on a minimum of 500 paediatric hernia patients and have demonstrated excellent patient outcomes through annual appraisals. They all work at central London University NHS teaching hospitals.

We offer a service that is bespoke to the patient and their family and in many cases we can offer a ‘one-stop’ service where your child can see a consultant and have the procedure carried out on the same day.

Our consultants operate using the latest in advanced surgical techniques in keyhole (minimal access/invasive) surgery for treating hernias in children of all ages, from premature babies to adolescents.

At the Children’s Hospital we have a state-of-the-art paediatric facility providing the reassurance and care parents need of a first class paediatric environment.

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