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Dr Sara Trompeter


0207 034 8181



NHS Base
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Sara Trompeter was appointed a Consultant Haematologist and Paediatric Haematologist at University College London Hospitals (UCLH) in 2011. She undertook her Paediatric and Haematology training at UCLH, Great Ormond Street, St Marys Hospital, Whittington Health, Evelina Childrens Hospital and Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust – centres of Red Cell and Paediatric excellence in the United Kingdom.

She is the Network Chair for the North Central London Haemoglobinopathy Network and has developed and enhanced the governance and structure of the Joint Red Cell Unit at UCLH leading it through the first ever National Adult Peer Review of Haemoglobin Disorders. The unit is home to one of the largest thalassaemia units nationally and is reknown for its treatment of other red cell disorders also. She has been key in the expansion of the automated red cell exchange service which is now the largest and most comprehensive in the U.K. As a joint appointment with the National Blood Service (NHSBT) she is represents the blood service on various national groups including the newly formed Clinical Reference Group for Haemoglobinopathies as well as being the NHSBT lead on the development of research and understanding of transfusion in haemoglobin disorders. She is the Consultant lead for the Haematology Core Medical trainees and is involved in teaching and training at all levels of medical and nursing staff, lecturing also at University College London.

Access to the appropriate level of care for patients with haemoglobin and other red cell disorders has often been a challenge for this patient group. Dr Trompeter is pleased to offer the support and care that this group needs with access to:

Annual reviews
Advice regarding medical care needed prior and following and operation in those with red cell disorders
Prenatal and Antenatal counselling and diagnosis of haemoglobin disorders in carrier parents
Manual red cell exchange
Automated red cell exchange (apheresis)
Hydroxyurea therapy and monitoring
Chelation e.g. desferrioxamine (desferal); deferasirox (exjade); deferiprone (L1).
Routine outpatient review for red cell disorders
Iron therapy
Other specialists where needed e.g. cardiologists and surgeons specialising in sickle cell and thalassaemia