What to bring

If your child’s care is covered by your insurance, please bring his/her insurance registration document and completed claim form, or alternatively proof of pre-authorisation. If you are paying for your child’s treatment, please bring a credit card. Our accounts department will supply you with a detailed breakdown of all costs.

Please also bring your admission letter, a list of anything your child is allergic to, glasses and/or hearing aids, and any current medicines he/she is taking (including inhalers) in their original containers; please give these to your nurse when you arrive.

It’s a good idea to involve your child in choosing what to pack in their hospital bag, but please make sure that everything is clearly labelled. Choices may include:

  • Cool comfortable day clothes
  • Night clothes
  • Slippers or comfortable shoes to wear around the wards, preferably with soft soles to reduce noise at night
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush and other wash things
  • Special cup or bottle
  • Favourite toys or comforter
  • Books, magazines, games and electronic devices (mobile phones can be used on most wards except for the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU))
  • We have free WiFi available so please feel free to bring in your laptop/iPad

Please leave at home:

  • Aerosol containers including deodorant sprays
  • Large sums of cash or other valuables (bedside lockers are not secure). Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to any items that you bring into hospital, including money, phones and computer equipment, regardless of how the loss may have happened