Supporting you and your family

Choosing the Children’s Hospital means more than having access to world-class facilities. Each member of your child’s medical team has specialist training in working with children and their families and will be there to support you every step of the way. When your child stays overnight, we try to create a ‘home from home’ environment where they understand what is happening, feel comfortable in their surroundings and know that we are here to help and support them.

We understand that when a child goes to hospital it can be a worrying and confusing time – not only for parents and the child who is having treatment, but for brothers and sisters too. Our staff will do all they can to make things easier by explaining what is happening, answering all your questions, and listening to any anxieties or concerns you may have. We get to know each of our patients well, and many children and their families form strong professional friendships with members of their care team during the course of their treatment.

Working together
We operate under a model of ‘family centred care’, which includes parents and siblings as well as the care of the patient. This means that when your child comes to hospital you won’t be ‘handing them over’ to us. We work with parents and guardians, making joint decisions as part of a wider team of supportive professionals including: hospital play specialists; psychologists; art therapists; pharmacists; dieticians; and physiotherapists, all of whom contribute to our family centred, multi-disciplinary approach to caring for our patients.

“We needed a roadmap, someone to hold our hands as we went through this experience. The staff were wonderful; nothing was too much trouble, and they explained everything as we went along so it was never too frightening.”
Sally, mother of James (aged 6)