Investing in the future

The Harley Street Children’s Hospital has over the last 5-6 years invested over £10 million in making the children’s facilities a world class service, which includes:

15-bed ward for children
With oncology/haematology, cardiology, neurology and spinal conditions who need medical and surgical treatment.

13-bed paediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
This has eight beds in an open bay and five isolation rooms. Here we look after patients who need intensive care including help with their breathing, and support of numerous organs following various surgical interventions.

Five-bed high dependency unit (HDU)
The HDU is an open area which serves as a ‘step up’ facility for the ward if a patient’s condition becomes worse, and a ‘step down’ facility between the PICU and being moved back to the ward as your child’s condition improves.

Four-bed haemato-oncology unit
This unit carries out stem cell harvest and re-infusion, as part of a child’s oncology/haematology treatment.

Day unit
This unit is for children who have day case chemotherapy. Located on the first floor adjacent to the main ward area. Blood transfusions, all short chemotherapy treatments as well as some invsetigations (e.g. MRI under general anaesthetic) are also carried out in this unit.


We are continuing to invest heavily to make sure that every aspect of the Children’s Hospital patient care programme is the very best.

State-of-the-art outpatient department at 84 Harley Street
This will bring together many specialities, with entry via a GP or Paediatrician, with onward referrals to our highly specialised consultants, as well as allowing them to be quickly referred to the Children’s Hospital if necessary.