Chemotherapy day unit

The Children’s Hospital offers a dedicated chemotherapy day unit. It is staffed by experienced children’s nurses and allows children to be treated in a friendly, relaxed environment. The unit is open from 8am to 8pm five days a week and treatments including any supportive care including dressing changes, port accessing and deaccessing, and regular blood tests can be carried out by our specialist chemotherapy trained nursing staff. You can stay with your child throughout the treatment and your child will have a dedicated nurse to explain what is happening and answer any questions.

Equipped with four chemotherapy chairs, this unit supports our inpatient facility and also children who have day case chemotherapy, anti-cancer treatments, and blood transfusions. Any supportive care including dressing changes, port accessing and de-accessing, and regular blood tests can be carried out on the day unit.


What happens when we arrive at the unit?
When you and your child arrive on the unit, you will be greeted by reception staff who will check your child’s details. The nurse will take you to the assessment room, and ask you a few questions including how your child has been feeling recently. After this:

  • Your child will be weighed and measured to check their general health
  • Depending on the chemotherapy treatment your child is having, this will be administered as an infusion via their peripheral or central line. The nurse will be able to answer any questions you or your child may have

How long will it take?
Treatment time can vary, but is normally no more than six hours. If we envision that the treatment maybe longer than anticipated, we can facilitate a movement to the paediatric ward, where your child can complete their treatment.

What should we bring?
It’s a good idea to bring some DVDs or favourite toys as a distraction whilst your child is having treatment. There is free WiFi available and mobile phones can be used in some areas of the hospital.

Refreshments are available, but please feel free to bring in favourite snacks or drinks. Some people feel hot or cold during their treatment so it’s a good idea for your child to wear layers of clothes and/or bring a favourite blanket or throw.