Advanced diagnostics

The Children’s Hospital has open access to The Harley Street Clinic’s Imaging facilities via 81 Harley Street and The Diagnostic Centre at 16 Devonshire Street. These facilities provide the most comprehensive diagnostics and consulting capability within one central London campus. Images can immediately be viewed and shared with multi-disciplinary team members

Equipment includes:

  • MRI: MRI scans can be done on children at either 81 Harley Street or The Diagnostic Centre.
  • CT: CT scanning is undertaken at both 81 Harley Street and The Diagnostic Centre. CT scanning is used to diagnose cancers and also is good for looking at bones.
  • Digital X-Ray: this type of x-ray imaging uses the latest equipment to record images digitally rather than using traditional photographic methods.
  • Ultrasound: an ultrasound scan uses high frequency sound waves that create images of the inside of the body.
  • Bone Densitometry: is available at The Diagnostic Centre and can be used to evaluate rickets.
  • OPG: stands for orthopantomogram and is a machine for diagnosing dental and mandible problems.