Clinical governance

The Harley Street Children’s Hospital, being part of The Harley Street Clinic takes Clinical Governance extremely seriously.

Integrated Governance
Integrated Governance is the term used to cover all of the activities undertaken by a healthcare organisation to ensure a safe and high quality service is provided to all stakeholders: patients, consultants, staff, the wider healthcare community and partner organisations.

What does The Harley Street Clinic do?
Working with our Medical Advisory Committee and the senior management team responsible for ensuring the hospital’s clinical quality and performance, The Harley Street Clinic is committed to the implementation of its Integrated Governance strategy that reflects the regulatory requirements and our ambition to deliver excellence in service and healthcare provision. This includes receiving and responding to regular feedback from local committees and groups such as Risk, Policy, Transfusion, Infection Control, Resuscitation and others.

How do staff make an impact?
Every member of staff has the opportunity to participate in audit activity and help develop policies and procedures that reflect best practice.

Where can I find more information?
For more information, please call 020 7935 7700 and ask to speak to the Integrated Governance Manager.